The Expansion of Consciousness

By CEvolutionTV

Collective Evolution talks about the consciousness shift we are experiencing and how it is the only thing that can truly bring change. When fronted with the question “What solutions do we need to replace the system we have now?” We must understand, creating a new system in the same level of consciousness we are in now, will only create the same thing over again. This is why our consciousness is shifting… For the full picture, watch the just released documentary –

About Collective Evolution

Collective Evolution itself stemmed from an idea. The idea was to create a website that would simply put individual experiences and higher-self driven knowledge into the collective. With this as a resource, viewers would be able to withdraw as well as contribute their own experiences; making growth and understanding more into a collective process rather then one we would all have to conquer individually. Since it’s inception in early 2009, Collective Evolution has been able to expand significantly beyond the sharing of articles and related videos. Three of the most significant expansions were the assistance program, our film production department, and the recent launch of CE Radio. Each of these expansions have been wonderful stepping stones into launching Collective Evolution closer to being a resource for all souls worldwide.


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