The Denver Waldorf School

The Denver Waldorf School is a not-for-profit independent school that provides a unique and excellent education to students from early childhood through high school.

Located in the city of Denver, The Denver Waldorf School welcomes students of all socio-economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds from throughout the metropolitan area. We educate our students to become free thinking adults who are able to impart purpose and direction to their lives and who will offer new solutions for the problems of our age. We strive for intellectual freedom, artistic creativity and a sense of social responsibility. Graduates of The Denver Waldorf School carry with them into the world the developed capacities of wonder, gratitude and integrity out of which they are able to serve the larger community with flexible thinking, moral courage and skillful, purposeful work. We are concerned with the transformation of education itself. We consistently explore, train and develop ourselves and share and foster such growth in those around us…

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