Ravid Hang & Jaelee Small: The Lost Tribe

By hangfan1

A live performance of Ravid’s haunting lament sung by Jaelee Small at St Ehelburgas Centre, London

Enthralled by the beauty of the Hang’s sound, percussionist Ravid Goldschmidt bought his first Hang at a festival in 2001. He then went to live in the Negev desert, where the stillness and silence provided the perfect environment necessary to master the instrument. Later he traveled to Switzerland to study Hang manufacture and tuning all the while evolving his technique and unique playing style. Ravid is now one of the top international proponents of the instrument, and has developed a variety of playing techniques, producing music that has to be experienced to be believed.

Ravid has performed in numerous international music festivals, concerts and events in locals as far afield as Spain, England, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt and Canada.

The Lost Tribe from the cd Ravid hang available at https://quantumevolution.co.uk/music/ravid

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