John Lennon: Merry Christmas

John Lennon – Merry Christmas – War is Over (if you want it)
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Editorial: Lennon Christmas song is inspirational

Holiday ballad gives inspiration for fulfilling the promise of peace on Earth, good will to men…

Christmas morning breaks with the words of John Lennon bouncing about in our heads: “So this is Christmas/I hope you have fun/The near and the dear ones/The old and the young.”

The former Beatle, murdered 30 years ago this month, recorded “Happy Christmas (War is Over)” in 1971 as the Vietnam War was winding down and the hope for a more peaceful era was building.

The ballad seeks to tap the Christmas promise of “peace on Earth, good will to men” as a call for both individual and collective serenity. It ends with the lyrics, “War is over/If you want it/War is over/Now … “All of us wish America’s wars over this Christmas. The lingering operations in Iraq and the fighting in Afghanistan keep us from fully rejoicing in the joy of the season, and remind us that “peace on Earth” remains a too elusive state.

But we strive for it still. We must. We have to continue to seek a world without war, even though in the more than 2,000 years since the Prince of Peace was born in Bethlehem, war has been far more common than tranquility. We can’t give up, and we won’t.

The secret to peace, of course, is love, and that’s what this holiday season is all about. We dedicate a few weeks at the end of the year to reuniting with friends and family, to sharing precious memories, to giving to others. Christmas is often called a magical season, and it is the loving and the sharing and the giving that make it so.

Hopefully, that affection and generosity extend beyond our own homes and families and into the greater community. Lennon sings about that, too: “And so happy Christmas/For black and for white/For yellow and red ones/Let’s stop all the fight.”

What a fine message that is for the community where we live. Imagine what we can accomplish between now and next Christmas if we stop our squabbling and work together?

We find harmony easier during the holidays. But if we can manage it for a few weeks in December, why not year round?

That’s a worthwhile Christmas commitment.

What brought the Wise Men to the manger was the promise of peace and joy.

The joy of the season makes all things seem possible. Let’s never forget the joy.

There’s often a bittersweet element to Christmas because it is also the time when we are most acutely aware of our losses.

But hard on the heels of Christmas is the New Year and the opportunity for new beginnings. Surely that’s where we can find hope and happiness.

That said, we’ll let John Lennon have the last words: “A very merry Christmas/And a happy New Year/Let’s hope it’s a good one/Without any fear.”

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