Frank Chester: Sacred Geometry

It is NEVER too late — 10 years ago – Frank Chester, (as he relates to us in this video), lost his mother, his lady friend, his job, his house etc., but in giving something up there is room for something new to come in. He had been to the GOETHEANUM in Dornach, Switzerland and seen forms there that gave him many new questions. And, since he is a sculptor, a geometrician and has a masters degree in Fine Arts he started to investigate these subjects from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner, the architect of the GOETHEANUM. Out of the inspiration of how Rudolf Steiner looks at processes – Frank started with this way of looking at these and at the challenge to make imagination not just a phantasy but to make it LAWFUL as you will see in this introduction to sacred geometry. He started to work with the processes and elements of earth, water, air and fire and came up with a 7 sided form and his lawful imagination of how it is related to the human heart. I was so taken by how he works and what he came up with I asked if I could film him while he gave lectures at the Auditorium of Sunbridge, College Spring Valley, New York. in April 2009. The rest is history – so please enjoy these totally new forms as well as these totally new ways of working with the imagination.

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