Franco DeNicola: True Freedom

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What is true freedom? A powerful conversation going beyond the ordinary with Franco DeNicola and Antonia Hagens from

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Franco DeNicola’s perception of humanity and the world greatly diverges from conventional ways of thinking. Rather than abiding to traditional belief systems and mindsets, he see’s beyond their conceptual creation, and therefore recognizes that there is more to us than what our current human experience has led us to believe. A planetary shift in consciousness has been recently leading more of us to not only question the ego-driven structures controlling our world, but to awaken to who we truly are beyond the mind and the physicality. In the midst of these unique times of social upheaval and spiritual awakening, it is with a great love for humanity that Franco dedicates himself to sharing his wisdom and understanding with others.

Franco is a unified soul that has completed soul enlightenment 200 years ago, through the human experience. This simply means that he has fully uncovered who he is beyond the mind and the body, which is (through enriching experiences) the eventual purpose of all souls. He has also travelled dimensionally, allowing him to gain a broader spectrum of awareness, until he agreed to reincarnate on earth at a point where humanity was ready to experience an advanced consciousness shift.

Franco reincarnated on the planet in the late 50?s, which allowed him some time to assimilate the modern human conditioning, for the sole purpose of better assisting humanity through this collective shift in consciousness. As a very young child, he was constantly in interaction with the metaphysical realm. Despite his religious upbringings, he naturally challenged most of the dogmatic teachings he encountered with truths that were simply obvious to him. He felt that the world was and is saturated with self-imposed limitations and an assortment of archaic belief systems -all of which are repeated without question and maintained as a conventional way of life.

Despite his early aged insights, an important stage of his human assimilation process involved him losing his pre-incarnation memory at age 5. This choice allowed him to experience a simulated yet colourful life experience in order to better relate with the present human condition, and for humanity to be able to better relate with him. Yet regardless of him losing a high percentage of his memory, a higher awareness always remained with him. He continued to perceive life very differently from what is accepted as “truth” within our society. He also had some very profound experiences which he has to keep to himself, because they were generally misunderstood by other.

As he grew up, Franco continued to feel out of place within the structural limitations of our world. However, he was able -with some adaption on his end- to experience life as the majority of people did, while still maintaining some access to an expanded insight. This period of his life allowed him to reconnect more intimately with the human experience, as it was intended. However, as time went on, an increasing internal knowing kept nudging him until he realized it was time to step into his purpose for being here, rather than remaining in the role he had adopted.

In 2001, the veils that prevented him from having access to his pre-incarnation memory and level of consciousness started to lift off, layer by layer, over a period of several years. This process was essentially a re-awakening, which is getting closer to completion now.
As part of the reintegration process to his purpose on earth, Franco made many important changes in his life. These changes included getting out of the business world and shifting his personal commitments. This enabled him to have more time to complete his internal work, as well as devoting much of this time to assist humanity through its evolutionary process. Franco does not get involved with the external so-called “success” game that our society endorses. His work is simply aimed at assisting individuals in creating realignments within their personal lives, while reestablishing a oneness consciousness in this currently segregated world.

“Oneness” simply means the awareness of our inherent interconnectedness with each other, the earth, the animal kingdom, and essentially the entire universe. It is the profound understanding -beyond opinionated beliefs- that we are all equal facets of the same underlying consciousness in which all life arises.

For a long time, human consciousness has been stuck in a very limited archaic program, which led us to perpetually seeing ourselves as separate from each other and the earth. Hence why we have created such ill-treatment between each other and the environment. The reality we have created for ourselves is the result of living our lives with our minds in the driver’s seat. We are experiencing the projection of a strictly left-brained consciousness, where we honor intellectualism, despite of how egoic and self-destructive we have allowed it to become. In this state, we are enabling division, fear, and control to keep us from awakening to our true unconditioned and peaceful nature, all while we continue to wait for “saviors” or political dictators to outline our individual and collective path. Yet we have forgotten that the ones we have been waiting for is ourselves -in all aspects of our existence. Such a disconnected state of consciousness is unsustainable and would lead humanity to its own demise.

This undergoing shift in consciousness stems from the fact that we have collectively agreed at the soul level to move beyond this collective amnesia to create a new, more conscious, harmonious and expansive experience, in touch with our natural state of creative limitlessness, love and peace.
Franco realizes that the time has come for him to share this message more actively, which requires him to be more involved in the public domain. This is the reason why his work and presence are now being made known. He understands that all that is presently enabling our unconscious and archaic ways of living is the mass consciousness holding on to unsustainable structures and old limitative belief patterns of a lower vibrational frequency. This is precisely why he aims at bringing the focus in shifting ourselves individually to bring about change collectively.

Franco’s assistance involves many levels, accesses different realms and provides a very open platform for consciousness expansion. What he shares is an awareness that emerges directly from his enlightened soul, and therefore beyond the ego program (the illusory belief that we are only our opinionated thoughts and our bodies).

Franco is a very loving being, devoted to assist humanity in creating a new reality that far exceeds the present limited experience, and that encompasses oneness and love. If you feel ready and drawn, then it is time to move forward.

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