Eugene Schwartz: Waldorf For All

By eschwartz1ster

Waldorf Education for All marks the first time that Waldorf charter schools — tuition free public schools that ascribe to a developmental methodology and teach according to the Waldorf curriculum — have ever been filmed. Field coordinator Eugene Schwartz and his crew visited four Waldorf charter schools in Northern California in the spring of 2010 and set to work. Nothing was staged or prearranged: they filmed real classrooms with real children being taught by real teachers.

Spontaneity and warmth, rigorous thinking, joyful learning — in this film such terms are not mere sound-bites. Cameraman Hal Rifkin and editor Sam Russell draw us smack into the middle of the classroom and give us a kinesthetic experience of what it is like to learn in the Waldorf setting. Never before has the warmth and intensity of the Waldorf teacher/student relationship been captured so fully as in this film.

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